Value Added: Role of a Course Editor

“The editor has traditionally played a key role in the design and development of instructional and educational materials. As both the Web and the technology and processes for delivering instructional materials on it have evolved, so too has the editor’s role in course design and delivery. The typical ‘Web editor’ has a broad and changing range of responsibilities, from editing and verifying course content to evaluating the efficacy of online instructional tools, from unsnarling copyright issues to testing and applying new multimedia applications. One aspect of the editor’s role, however, has remained unchanged in the course development process—the editor adds value to the course development value chain by improving course material quality, enhancing students’ learning experiences, and ensuring that course quality standards are set and maintained for the delivering institution.”

Thiessen, J., & Ambrock, V. (2004). Chapter 10: Value added—The editor in design and
development of online courses. In T. Anderson & F. Elloumi (Eds.), Theory and practice of online learning [PDF document]. Retrieved from