Course Developer Credentials


UPDATED June 2020: This list is constantly changing, and will be maintained in the future by Danielle Collins on her OneTRU OLEditor page at


We list course developers on the copyright pages of courses. OL style was updated in May 2018 to:

  • Do not use periods between letters in degree acronyms.
  • Include the person’s terminal or highest credential only. 
  • Group the list by years of editions and revisions.
  • Include the year in the heading.
  • Order the groups in reverse chronological order; i.e., most recent is at the top and earliest is at the bottom of the page.

Course Development Team 2018
Course Writer: Name, PhD
Instructional Designer: Name, MA
Editor: Name, BA
Associate Dean, […]Name, PhD
Program Coordinator, […]: Name, MA

Course Revision Team 2014
Course Reviser: Name, PhD
Course Editor: Name, MA
Associate Dean, […]Name, PhD     [include only if different from who is listed above]

Course Development Team 2010
Course Writer: Name, PhD
Instructional Designer: Name, MA
Course Editor: Name, BA

[Check to make sure the course has the new address.]

Thanks to Cindy Ozouf for her excellent work creating a list in August 2017 and updating it in September 2017.

Course Development Team Credentials

The following list was updated June, 2020.

Supervisor Editing & Copyright: Danielle Collins MEd, BEd, BFA
Mona Hall, MA, Cert. Editing, Dip. Library & Information Technology
Carolyn Hawes, BEd
Justin Frudd, MA, BA, PID, TESOL
Brian Scrivener, MA, BA
Cory Stumpf, BJ
Chris Ward, MA, BA, Cert. Writing & Publishing
Courtney Charlton, MA
Josie Vayro, PhD
Wayne Egers, PhD, MA, BA
Dawn-Louise McLeod, MEd, BA, TESL
Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism Management
*Dean, Adventure, Culinary Arts, and Tourism: Doug Booth, PhD, MSocSci, BSc(Hons)
Dean, Arts: Richard McCutcheon, PhD
*Associate Dean, Arts: Mark Wallin, PhD; Elizabeth Reimer, PhD
*Program Coordinator, Arts: Michael Looney, MSc, BSc
Business and Economics
Dean, Business and Economics: Michael Henry, DBA, MBA, BSocSc, BA
*Associate Dean, Business and Economics: Raymond Cox, PhD, MBA, BComm, BSc, CPA, CGA, CFA, CMA, CCM
Education and Social Work
Dean, Education and Social Work: Airini, PhD, MBA, MEd, BA, Te Ara Reo Level 4 Cert., Dip. Tchg.
*Associate Dean, Education and Social Work: Jane Hewes, PhD
*Program Coordinator, Adult Basic Education: Christine Miller, MEd, BSc, BEd;
(former: Michael Looney, MSc, BSc)
Learning Design and Innovations Department
Chair, Senior Instructional Designer: Melissa Jakubec, MA, BA, Cert. E-Learning, Dip RSA
Senior Instructional Designer: Michelle Harrison, PhD, MA, PDP, BSc
Instructional Designer: Stephen Doubt, MEd; BEd, BA
Instructional Designer: Carol Sparkes, MITE, BA, BComm
Instructional Designer: Doug Reid, PhD
Instructional Designer: Fränzi Ng, MEd, EdD
Instructional Designer: Ken Monroe, MA, MA
Instructional Designer: Marie Bartlett, MA
Instructional Designer: Linda Apps, PhD, MA, BFA
Senior Instructional Designer: Gail Morong, MEd, BSc, Cert. Online Teaching & Learning, Dip. Ed
Instructional Designer: Ted Keating, MEd, BEd, BSc
Dean, Law: Bradford Morse, LLM, LLB, BA
Assistant Dean, Law: Alexis Kazanowski, LLB, BJ
Dean, Nursing: Donna Murnaghan, PhD, MSN, RN
*Associate Dean, Nursing: Tracy Hoot, EdD, RN, BScN, MSN, DHEd
Health Sciences
Academic Coordinator, Health Sciences: David Sheets, MA, RRT
Program Administrator, Science: Kimberley King, BTM; Jean Crowe, MEd, BA
Dean, Science: Tom Dickinson, PhD, BSc
*Interim Associate Dean, Science: Faheem Ahmed, P.Eng, EdD, MA, BA
*Program Coordinator, Science: [no incumbent]
Trades and Technology             
*Dean, Trades and Technology: Baldev Pooni, MSc, BSc
Program Coordinator, Satwinder Paul