Including 3rd Party Materials

Selecting and using great media, responsibly

  • Linking
  • Images
  • Videos
  • H5P
  • CC licenses
  • Public domain
  • Captions Attributions and References

It is likely that you want to include materials, such as images, videos or H5P content. Select materials that supplement or support your content, engage your reader, connect your reader to current contexts, and so on.


Whether you are submitting your OER to BC Campus for their collection or you plan on posting your materials to another open site, keep records for any 3rd party content and include the following for each item:

  • Retrieved from date and URL
  • Title and screenshot of graphical content
  • Descriptive location of textual content
  • License type or public domain tool that permits usage (more details in the section on Copyright)
  • Where the item has been placed in your OER

Choose wisely!

Consider whether the media you are including may be offensive or exclusive to some readers.

For example:

[find example images]

Consider the source!

If you are bringing readers outside of your OER, is the source webpage academic? Is it reputable? Are there offensive ads?


  • VIsit the TRU Copyright website to answer any questions your have about copyright or contact