This online resource, created by TRU Open Learning Editors, is meant to support you by giving you some tips on writing for an online audience, copy editing considerations, and using CC licensed and public domain materials.

If you have received an OER grant and would like some editing support for your OER textbook or project, please contact Naomi Cloutier or Dani Collins to discuss the scope of editing support that you require.

The level of support for OER projects will be determined on a case by case basis. Once you have some content in place, a meeting can be scheduled to discuss scope and tips for how to prepare your OER content to maximize the editing/formatting support from Curriculum Services. 

You may want to start filling out the Working with Your Editor form to maximize your first meeting with your Curriculum Services editor. If you are unsure about how to fill in some of the information, the editor can help you. 

The editing and copyright tips that we’ve compiled here are based on our experiences as course and copy editors, as well as our direct experiences working with TRU Copyright, TRU Faculty, and BC Campus, within Pressbooks to support OER development.

Working With a Copy Editor


Writing For an Online Audience,


Using 3rd Party Materials

Attributions and References

  • Selecting and using 3rd party materials (creative commons licensing, and public domain images).
  • References
  • Academic styles