Show Diversity

Where possible, we try to include examples of people from other cultures or depictions of the diversity of Canadian society in the course. Showing people from diverse backgrounds prepares students for life in a culturally diverse society and helps dispel preconceived ideas about others, which we hope increases the students’ competence for living in an increasingly globalized world. Showing diversity in cultures, ethnicities, genders, and abilities in both the visual representations we use and the instructional examples in courses, we engage with students, value their experience and community, and prepare them for the world.

Keep in mind:

  • All genders should be represented in our courses.
  • Explain culturally specific references. (E.g. “the Sixties Scoop”)
  • Be sensitive in how we depict others in a course. Avoid cultural stereotypes. In most cases it is best to show people in respectful and modern settings.