Editing Team Meeting 9/25/2019

Editing Team Meeting

Date | time 9/25/2019 11:00 AM| Location OL344

Meeting Notes:

Attendees: Dani, Mona, Justin, Cory

Regrets: Chris; Courtney

Note taker: Mona

  1. Editor’s website:
  • Log-in;
  • Review current content;
  • Collaborate;
  • Determine common objectives.
  1. Free online micro-course to master the basics of OER and Creative Commons:

Open Education, Copyright and Open Licensing in a Digital World (LiDA103)

  • Editors are welcome to attend;
  • Starts on October 7, 2019;
  • 2-week course, commit to 1–2 hours/day;
  • Negotiate with Naomi to use some work time;
  • Certificate earned upon completion;
  • Registration link: https://oer.nz/wcol2019
  1. Maintenance Courses:
  • Change to file version for Rachelle’s IP review: Moving forward, she will *always* review the edited version.
  • Editors to flag new/deleted 3-rd party materials for her attention;
  • Dani will share the edited files with Rachelle upon completion of peer review process.
  1. “One-offs” (those maintenance projects that *should* involve only one component of a course):
  • Be sure to check all materials that could be affected by the corrections/changes made;
  • Discussion was around accountability and transparency of the very narrowed scope.
  1. Internal Review
  • Discussion postponed to next meeting;
  • Consider what common issues occur in the process;
  • Consider scope: skim vs. total re-edit.
  1. Style considerations for each course/discipline:
  • Justin suggested adding that information in D4P2 in the notes section;
  • Advantage to next editor: reduction of time spent determining which style was deemed appropriate.


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