Editing Team Meeting 9/11/2019

Call to order: 10:30am

In attendance: Courtney Charlton, Naomi Cloutier, Dani Collins (Chair), Justin Frudd, Mona Hall, Paul Martin, Cory Stumpf, Chris Ward (scribe & time keeper)

Dani: Welcome and new meeting format

  • Call for note taker and time keeper: Chris
  • Call for review of process changes this summer
    • Chris: brief review of process changes
    • Discussion:
       lack of CMP (what info needed? can it be shared in D4P?)
       determining, negotiating, and communicating editing scope
       identifying and confirming course materials
       exam processes
       ProctorU

Courtney: “Using a Tempest in a Teapot to Separate the Wheat from the Chaff” presentation on plain language with examples from HIST course

  • Learners’ needs not served by misused and obscure terms: e.g., obduracy, abrogation, temporal turmoil, venal, jeremiad, etc.
  • Long, complex sentence structure obscures meaning.
  • Random or inconsistent capitalization, and dated racial/cultural terminology requires more time for editors to query or resolve.
  • Discussion:
     How to minimize problematic language without changing voice of writer?
      How to balance student needs, writer wants, time constraints?

Paul: Introductions; enrollment growth up 15%; potential of non-linear development processes with editors contributing or collaborating earlier

Group: Appreciative enquiry

Dani: Open call for agenda items for future meetings

Tabled for future:

  • Editing websites
  • Credentials: when to include designations and certs

Adjourned: 11:45am

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