Dictionary of Canadianisms

Here’s an open, online resource that could be a useful guide for editors (or writers, or students) to verify or to explain Canadian regionalisms or idioms.

Dollinger, S. (Chief Editor), & Fee, M. (Associate Editor). (2017). DCHP-2: The dictionary of Canadianisms on historical principles (2nd ed., with the assistance of B. Ford, A. Gaylie, & G. Lim). Vancouver, BC: University of British Columbia. Retrieved from http://www.dchp.ca/dchp2/.

How does it compare to our go-to resource (Canadian Oxford Dictionary)?


keener  1. n. an individual who is overly eager or enthusiastic.

Canadian Oxford Dictionary:

keener (noun) Cdn informal a person, esp. a student, who is extremely eager, zealous, or enthusiastic.