Editors Meeting Notes for Oct. 23, 2019

Attendees (in alphabetical order): Chris, Cory, Courtney, Dani, Justin, and Mona

Time: 11:00 am                 Location: OL344

Notetaker: Justin             Timekeeper: Collective effort


  • Pop survey on our website:
    • What’s working on the website? – working well as a reference tool for editors, layout, content
    • What would you like to see on the website? – more contribution from other editors, enlarge target audience to include other stakeholders and course developers, more subsections to reduce scrolling, increase access to site, OER support resources
    • Who is the intended audience of the website? Editors, IDs, Curriculum Services, Production, possibly OLFMs and other course developers

Topic 1: Editors Website

  • Discussion kicked-off on website elements
  • Original intent of website, as told by Chris:
    • History involves input from an array of sources
    • Basically, most recent approved policy sent via email was uploaded to wiki
    • This linear process became the 1st generation of what we now know as the website
    • Rapid-fire emails—sometimes several in a week—drove the need for continual updates
    • Despite upgrading from wiki to WordPress website, this process became overwhelming
  • Blog section on WordPress site was initially intended to capture approved policy emails
  • New editors have and should continue to have access to resources for onboarding purposes
  • Now meeting minutes are being added to blog – Note: needs new heading
  • Website is accessible to the public, though historically very low traffic
  • Publicly shared site can raise our professional profile at institution level and beyond
  • On one hand, privacy is a concern, but transparency is the payoff
  • Website as a platform allows us to advocate and educate
  • Can/should serve as an archive for in-house creations, PD events, and progressive resources
  • Diversity of purpose(s) speaks to the need for differing sources of input; needs full team effort
  • Note to discretion: policy updates reworded/names removed before publicly shared
  • Some website elements can/should remain private (e.g., meeting minutes)
  • Intent of this new endeavor is to have a dynamic site, not static
  • Leadership will need updates as we continue forward to account for our time spent on this
  • How will Leadership measure success?
  • Photo gallery to be included, since this adds a needed human element
  • Complex items like CG have both static and dynamic elements; could be divvied up into tabs
  • Media and/or Production could help out with layout, but content is on us
  • New hire/onboarding docs could easily be added
  • Blog sections could include Policy, PD, Meeting Minutes (private), Agenda Items (private)
  • Tabs could include Blog, Resources, About Us (similar to LinkedIn)

Next Discussion:

  • Update CG and Style Guide
  • Resources and References
  • Captions and Credit Lines
  • Revisit Process Mapping


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