Editing Team Meeting Notes – January 15, 2020

Attendees: Chris, Cory, Courtney, Dani, Justin, Mona, and Naomi

Time: 11:00 am                 Location: OL344

Notetaker: Courtney




  • January 15, 2020 Budget Meeting recap
    • More or less business as usual
    • Budget requests have neither been approved nor denied
    • Increased OL enrolment but decreased on-campus enrollment
  • Speexx language training tools are no longer stable in language courses
    • At this time, it is unclear if current students will have reliable access

SWOT Follow-up


  • Affirmation of the strengths, professionalism, and skills of the editing team
  • Opportunities
    • What could it look like to involve editors earlier in the course design process?
    • Upcoming curriculum services meeting to look at the nuts and bolts of course design
    • Initial meeting will be followed by another meeting to address what we need to do to support good course design; what can we try?
    • Example: Think about a positive example from a course that you can share at the meeting.
  • Engagement with students
    • What are the practicalities for editors to engage with students and/or student feedback?
    • Are there opportunities for individuals to engage with students outside of the editor role if this is an important value to the editor?
  • Accountability
    • Accountability between editors and IDs – CServ meeting will hopefully address some concerns
    • Leadership is also looking at SME accountability
  • Access to senior leadership
    • Is there a feeling of disconnection? If so, do you have any suggestions for how this can be addressed?
  • It’s the time to be bold and try new things!

 CUPE Funds

  • There are funds available. If considering a conference, it is easier to get funds if we are involved in the conference (i.e., presenting)

Quick Roundtable

  • Discussion of adding Professional Development to Editing Meetings
    • Time constraints must be considered
    • Potential to create drop-in PD opportunities for OL community
  • Re: Access to senior leadership (Chris)
    • Face-to-face/drop-in engagement
    • More transparency
  • Dani will start being part of the Internal Review rotation
  • Reminder: Indicate when you start and finish Internal review in D4P
  • Naomi is looking into D4P and courses being “parked” in editing
    • Be sure to fill in the editor start date on the left-hand side
    • Indicating suspensions of work on course: pause button?
  • Chris has received a few questions from production about files that are not in their production folder, but were with his files in the Pre-Production Review folder.
    • We cannot resolve these questions because we do not have access to the files sent to production and, typically, we are not informed of decisions made after we have placed files in pre-production review
  • New Copyright guru, Mark, starts next week!


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